Can Your Practice Handle More Patients?

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If you are interested in attracting more patients to your practice, you are in the Right Place. We Specialize in Lighting Up Your Practice by helping new patients find you when they use Google™ or  Facebook™ AND we help your attract new patients using Facebook™ Advertising.  (After all, that is where your patients are!)  We know you are busy.  If you DO want more information, either schedule a call or download our free eBook "Minimum On-line Presence for Medical Practices."


Google™ Articles and Search Results

Using our media contacts we will get your practice noticed by Google (and Bing and Yahoo).  When hundreds of important news sites are talking about your practice, you will see more patients coming from Google™.  You should be thinking of these search engines as the new Yellow Pages.

Business Page Activity

Engage potential patients with the 21st century form of Word-of-Mouth recommendations   Activity on your Facebook™ Business Page is where you "talk" to people.  We will automate the process of dripping relevant information, memes, quotes and other posts so  that any potential patients who visit your Business Page on Facebook™ will see a ton of activity.   This is where your people can talk to patients and potential patients.  Think of your Business Page as the new Word-of-Mouth.)

Advertise Your Practice  on Facebook™

Facebook™ Advertising for Medical Practices.  Using the most current "what is working now" Facebook™ advertising strategies, we will Light Up Your new pattient flow.

In addition to multiple ad types (including video ads), we generate ads that follow your potential Patients around the internet.  Market research has shown that it takes more than one "touch" before the average person buys a product or service.   We provide those touches through a sophisticated process called retargeting.

We Concentrate on One Thing  - Acquiring You New Patients

Gaining new patients when people do Google searches is the 21 century replacement  for the Yellow Pages, Billboards and expensive TV, Radio and Newspaper ads.  We use our media contacts to get your practice exposure on hundreds of important on-line news sites.  Google definitely rewards this kind of exposure in their search engine.  At the same time a professional presence on Facebook™ is the 21 century extension to what is still the best kind of referral - Word-of-Mouth endorsements. Your local potential patients ARE  on Facebook™ so you need to be there too.


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